Business Profile


Business Profile

Bharat Enterprise Construction Group

Bharat Enterprises Construction India Construction provides general contracting services including turn-key construction, industrial outsourcing support, maintenance services and specialty concrete solutions to the world’s largest corporations. Strongly diversified across market segments, the Company can deliver seamless solutions to customers in the automotive, health care, education, steel, refining, petrochemical, food processing, pulp & paper, marine, manufacturing, power generation industries and government. The Company’s safety-first culture has resulted in one of the industry’s most impressive safety records. Bharat Enterprises Construction India limited delivers a very strong complement of construction services to corporations. Construction Sectors

  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Institutional
  • Residential
  • General Contracting
  • Project Management
  • Design Build
  • Facility Management

Operational Overview

Our company is characterized by able leadership, a skilled workforce, excellent labour relations, a strong safety record and good customer relationships. We are working hard to capitalize on our proven capabilities and safety record.

On a corporate level, we are taking an increasing role in supporting the business development efforts of our client partners. This co-operative business development initiative will perform several vital functions:

  • Act as a liaison, facilitating an on-going dialogue between field operating personnel and venture partners
  • Measure business opportunities to ensure that company resources are directed to achieve the most successful results for our clients
  • Perform as emissaries on behalf of our customers, our partners and the construction industry

Bharat Enterprise Construction Group

General Contracting

As a general contractor, Bharat Enterprises Construction India limited has an established group of subcontractors with the capabilities to tackle turn-key construction projects for the simplest to complex multi-trade, multi-tasking projects. We have the financing personnel and expertise to tackle construction programs in the industrial, institutional and commercial sector of up to 35 million dollars.

Industrial Construction, Maintenance and Support

Bharat Enterprises Construction India provides a diverse range of specialized support services to clients in the harsh 24 hours a day, 7 days a week industrial environment. Essential maintenance and turnaround services provided by the Company minimize plant and unit downtime and are essential to helping clients preserve operating efficiency and profitability. The Company’s construction, maintenance and project management expertise is vital to clients as they seek to improve productivity, increase environmental and safety compliance and support business growth.

Concrete Construction

The Company has proven expertise relating to the engineering, design and fabrication of concrete structures required by its industrial customers. With years of successful project experience, Bharat Enterprises Construction capabilities are among the best in the world. Bharat Enterprises Construction has earned a reputation for completing work on time and within budget and continues to expand its client base in the field of civil construction.

Design Build

Design Build construction forms a significant portion of our work. By reducing our customers dependence on multiple vendors, including designers and engineers, Bharat Enterprises Construction India limited has earned a reputation as a reliable, one-stop shopping, supplier of building space and structural concrete.

Facility Maintenance

Bharat Enterprises Construction India limited Construction has now assumed the new role of Facility Manager for a major part producing manufacturing plant. The concept of facility management is unique in that we have become an integral partner in the supply chain for our customer. We contract all construction work at this location and assume a coordinating and cross-checking function between corporate engineering and purchasing.

Bharat Enterprise Construction Group

Business Overview

Bharat Enterprises Construction Projects is a renowned construction company under Bharat Group, a reputed transnational conglomerate, with transnational operations.

Over the last 3 decades, Bharat Enterprises Construction has been instrumental in making our country infrastructure more efficient through building & integrating terrains and cityscapes. Bharat Enterprises Construction has constructed landmark edifices across the country. Bharat Enterprises Construction touches our lives through landmark edifices including highways, expressways, bridges, flyovers, townships, tall buildings, hospitals, industrial units, power plants etc. Of late, the company has started expanding vistas by taking orders from international counterparts. We strive to achieve excellence through speedy execution, cost efficiency, management of sustainability concerns, safety and all regulatory compliances etc.

A balanced fusion of consistent pursuit for quality and on-time delivery, sensitivity towards customer needs has enabled Bharat Enterprises Construction to attain and sustain a respectable position in the construction industry. Proven track record of customer delight through completing projects within the stipulated time, adhering to all quality requirements is an insignia of BECL services.

With a strong workforce of 3000+ professionals supported with technology and an inspiring work environment, Bharat Enterprises Construction collaborates with all stakeholders and creates a win-win situation for our customers and end-users. The company's capabilities span the entire gamut of construction civil & structural, mechanical, electrical and fire-fighting engineering etc. for all major industries and project types. Having strong commitment towards the safety of the people it interacts and has dealings with; every takes all necessary precautions to warrant safe & sustainable future for all stakeholders. It is one of the few construction companies in India, certified under ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management), ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management) and BS OHSAS 45001:2018 (Occupational Health & Safety).

Armed with the technological expertise and process driven approach, Bharat Enterprises Construction can take up any challenging project with Regional Offices located in Bangalore, NCR Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai. Mumbai office also hosts as BECL’s Corporate Office, while Registered Office is still in Ahmedabad, being the founding city.

Bharat Enterprise Construction Group


The first and foremost step towards delivering the best is to understand the needs of a customer more precisely, the specific human needs involved. Once this understanding is gained, it is an automatic process for CCCL to put to work the most effective combination of its resources. Technical and managerial concepts and practices are so aligned with the requirements of the project that the end-result is invariably a perfect execution. The CCCL team has professionals in all the key areas of construction. Design Project Management Services Execution of Projects a) Major Housing Complexes b) Industrial Structures c) Commercial Complexes d) Waste water treatment plants e) Long span Precast Concrete Structures f) Retrofitting g) Piling h) Sub Stations i) Smart Cities Execution of Pre-engineered buildings CCCL has every capability to undertake large turnkey projects. Besides on-site computerized monitoring, a comprehensive control over all projects through link-up with a central server at regional centre guarantees fluent progress of projects at all times. The uses of latest technologies such as Top-down Construction, Advanced Formwork Techniques are in place.

Bharat Enterprise Construction Group


Key player and one among the few in the Country to deliver challenging Engineering Marvels. Pre-Cast Concrete Structures: CCCL is having a state of the art “precast element manufacturing unit” at Madurantagam near Chennai. A team of our Engineers and skilled technicians went U.S and learnt the nuances of contemporary technologies in the precast industry. The highly mechanized plant is producing finest quality of the following prefabricated elements. Double Tee Inverted Beam Column with Corbel Spandrel Hollow Core Slab Core walls and Staircases CCCL is having track record of executing long span structures (Span 22 Meters) with roof elements such as folded plate, Shell etc. These elements are cast in ground and erected using Gantry/Cranes. These buildings are suitable where internal columns are to be avoided and also it gives ventilation, bright lighting and minimizes the temperature inside. Since its being precast at the ground itself, the quality of the concrete and the finishes are maintained to high extent. Speedy construction can be achieved through these types of construction. Wall panels are the precast side panels, which are cast in yard and erected in position. These concrete walls have aesthetic grooves and other joinery provisions to cater the requirements of the buildings. This form finished walls, which do not require any plastering. CCCL produces large amount of PSC I Girders for many Infrastructure Projects and Channel Units for Industrial Projects.


  • Precast Pre-stressed Structures CCCL through its innovative technical know-how in the field of prefabrication, has executed many precast, pre-stressed concrete structures. Consortium has to its credit industrial buildings with precast RC roofs of spans of more than 20 meters.
  • Pre-engineered Steel Structures CCCL is expanding in the field of pre-engineered steel structures for construction of large span pre-fabricated steel framed industrial buildings. Consortium can proudly take credit for executing India's largest span portal frame for a multinational company.
  • Shell Structures CCCL prides itself on having innovatively used ready mix concrete, even for a complex shell structure.
  • Turnkey Project at CCCL time is of the essence. We deliver the total construction package well in advance of the stiffest time schedule.

Project Management

Core Strength of CCCL lies in its Planning and Execution. CCCL gives paramount importance to planning right from conceptual stage to closure stage. Meticulous planning in every process and detailed deliberation on each task brings out the best in everything. With decades of experience in engineering and project management, our professionals offer planning and scheduling services to a wide variety of industries. Our Project Management serves the entire range: Initial Project Planning (Tasks, Resources, Schedule), Task Oversight, Tracking, Reporting and Change Management. The Project Management team is headed by a member of the Project Management Institute, U.S.A, and can offer Bar Chart preparation Milestone charts Review of physical progress Scope Management Time Management Schedule Management On time procurement Bottle neck identification Risk mitigation Look ahead schedules Bill checking Weekly site meetings Resource Levelling Cost Monitoring Progress Tracking

Bharat Enterprise Construction Group

Mechanical and Electrical Division

Our M&E Division is primarily responsible for the management and execution of electrical, mechanical, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning works at project locations. This division has been providing its services for projects that we construct, and is proposing to commence the provision of services for projects which it tenders for independently. This division also provides consultancy and execution services for various contract works. These services are typically provided at a fixed rate per square foot. In addition to providing and implementing electrical, mechanical, plumbing and air-conditioning works, the M&E division also provides design, estimation and procurement services. With a view to improving the range of offering provided by this division, we have initiated the provision of services from this division for infrastructure projects in the power transmission and airport sectors. This division has a prequalification in execution of Substations on EPC basis upto 220KV. With the objective of developing our ability to provide services in this sector, we have obtained an ESA license from the government of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telangana and AP. Our M&E division proved its mettle at Chennai, Tiruchirappalli, Thiruvananthapuram, Mangalore, Rajahmundry and Goa airports.

Building Products Division

CCCL Building Products division has been diversified in to two major business units namely Ready-Mixed Concrete (RMC) unit & Concrete blocks manufacturing unit. These two units are well equipped with sophisticated equipment’s and machineries to enhance the product quality to satisfy the requirements of National & International specifications. CCCL RMC units have facilities to produce structural and non-structural grades of concrete using Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) & Mineral additives such as Pulverized fuel ash (PFA), Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBFS), Micro silica (MS) & Meta Karoline (MK) to meet the durability aspects in line with the different environmental conditions. CCCL RMC unit produces structural grade concretes which meets the international specifications on Engineering & Permeation properties in accordance with ASTM, DIN, BS & EFNARC. Our RMC products are satisfying the requirements of LEED & GRIHA. The RMC units produce various structural grade concretes to full fill the customer hurdles by supplying Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC) for casting critical RCC elements having high congestion of reinforcements. CCCL RMC units produce value added products other than structural grade concretes like Pervious concrete, Light weight concrete, Coloured concrete, high volume fly ash concrete & Dry lean concrete for the customer needs. The RMC units have capabilities to produce structural & non-structural grades of concrete to a volume of 18000 to 20000 CUM in a month. CCCL Block Manufacturing unit has facility to produce concrete blocks in solid & hollow form of different sizes to cater the various customer needs. The concrete blocks are produced using Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) & Pulverized fuel ash (PFA) and the blocks are satisfying the Engineering & Permeation properties in accordance with IS, ASTM, DIN & BS specifications. The concrete block properties were assessed for GREEN Building Concept and it satisfying the requirements. The Block Manufacturing unit has capability to produce 3, 60,000 blocks in a month.

Software Designs Department (Yuga Design)

Yuga Design is our in-house software design division which provides integrated software-based engineering design services to a variety of domestic and international clients including large engineering companies and to prominent architects. Yuga Designs services involve the development of detailed designs, drawings and estimates from concepts and plans which are provided to it by its clients. Upon receiving concept drawings and plans from its clients, Yuga Design produces a design basis report which records client needs and specifications based on various inputs including the building codes and construction specifications which would be applicable to the structure being designed. Upon approval of the design basis report, Yuga Design engages in the production of detailed designs, drawings and estimates using commercially available design software in conjunction with custom built, proprietary and client specific services.

Information Technology Department (Yuga Soft)

Our ERP software was designed, developed and built by our software division. It has been organically developed and integrated over a period of twenty-three years based on an analysis of routines and procedures followed by each of our business functions during the course of their operations. Beginning with a module for our finance and accounting functions, the software has expanded to include a technical module for our operations functions, a module governing our project implementation functions, a SCM module governing our procurement and supply chain functions, a module governing business development functions and a module for human resources and payroll management. The above process of development has resulted in a very close integration between our in-house ERP and our day-to-day business operations and procedures, as a result of which we are able to track and manage our operations on a real time basis. Our central server running the ERP software is located at Vada Palani Chennai. Our registered office and our regional offices are connected to the central server through dedicated leased line links and broadband links. Our technical infrastructure provides for centralized, redundant back up facilities which are based in a separate disaster recovery centre located in Gopala Puram, Chennai. We intend to further develop and package our in-house ERP software for the purposes of marketing the same to as packaged software to third parties.