Bharat Enterprise Construction Group

Construction impacts the environment through the material usage. The waste production and greenhouse gas emission through different processes of construction are some of the environmental calamities which poses challenges to the construction industry. Bharat Enterprises Construction employs a systematic approach to comply with environmental regulations and manage equipment, materials, and processes to help reduce the carbon footprint of different construction related processes.

Bharat Enterprises Construction has a proud history and reputation of promoting environment friendly practices to meet the challenges in sustainable development. Since the inception, we have been demonstrating responsible stewardship of natural resources. Sustainable practices can result in significant cost savings and increase profits for us and our clients.

We began measuring greenhouse gas emissions in 2010 and have been successful in reducing our carbon emissions by over 30%. Bharat Enterprises Construction has technologies which reduce the use of concrete without compromising on the strength and capability of the solution. Material cost savings of around 20% are achieved using this sustainable method.

Our approach to sustainability can reduce the overall environmental impact of projects by establishing and operating on-site laboratories to test material quality, slurry density, viscosity and filtration, and backfill properties as part of the quality assurance program.

Bharat Enterprises Construction is committed to working with all people, including suppliers and clients, to minimize the environmental impact of our operations.