Bharat Enterprise Construction Group

Engineering and construction carry the responsibility of ensuring public safety. Integrity is integral in designing and constructing safe facilities. We do what we say we will do and cutting corners is unacceptable.

Our Code of Business Conduct sets out our minimum expectations for all colleagues, wherever we are based and whichever Bharat Enterprises Construction business we work for. Our Code brings together three things to keep us safe.

The law

The trust of our stakeholders depends on our reputation as a law-abiding business.

Our ways of working

For being committed to the law and fair practices, we have developed nine ways of working, supported by our Group policies, to provide us with a protective layer of information, guidance and support to ensure that we know how the rules apply to us.

Our values

Integrity. Collaboration. Excellence.

Beyond the law and our ways of working, we must always be guided by Bharat Enterprises Construction’s values. Our values can guide us when we make difficult decisions. They ensure that we do the right thing for our colleagues, customers, shareholders and communities, often going further than the letter of the law and our ways of working.


  • Keeping everyone healthy and safe
  • Supporting employee rights and diversity
  • Maintaining ethical and honest behaviour
  • Staying free from bribery and corruption
  • Staying free from bribery and corruption
  • Delivering excellent customer service and working with our suppliers to ensure our standards are adhered to
  • Fostering the collaborative environment
  • Responsible stewardship towards environment
  • Righteousness