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Bharat Engineering Roads and Highways


Building highways to strengthen connectivity

With a fleet of sophisticated construction equipment manned by skilled workers and engineers, Bharat Engineering Enterprises Limited effortlessly builds roads which reduces distance and bridges that connects our nation and people.

Our effective co-ordination ensures smooth sailing of the projects from beginning to end. This has resulted into a successful track record of constructing more than 9063.69 lane kilometers & 4388 lane kilometers under construction of road & highways for NHAI, state government and private developers. We have been awarded with cash bonus for NH-79 and appreciation from World Bank for timely and successfully completion of Karnataka projects.

Bharat Engineering Enterprises Limited had incorporated Bharat Engineering Project Limited (BEPL), as a subsidiary in year 2020. This is an asset holding company for Road & other Infrastructure BOT / Hybrid Annuity Projects. Bharat Engineering Enterprises Limited currently have 24 BOT / Hybrid Annuity projects under its control of which 10 are fully operational, 1 is partially operational and others are under various stages of construction. All these projects are Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) controlled by Bharat Engineering Enterprises Limited.

With constant focus of current government to build nationwide network of roads and highways, tunnels and economic corridors, our vision to build an exceptional road infrastructure for the nation is already bearing fruit with our institutional presence with major ongoing EPC projects like Four laning of Rampur-Kathgodam section (Package I and II) in Uttar Pradesh, Four lane bypass of NH-24 Lucknow ring Road Package-II, Six Laning of Ahmedabad Rajkot section NH-8A Highway (Package-2 and 4) and early completion of EPE, YP, ARRIL, BHTPL and DPTL. Apart from these, Bajaj infrastructure has executed series of prestigious projects such the Chindwada road of the stretch 422 kilometers, largest and longest project by NHAI. These corridors are spread across India, with strategic focus on inclusive development and the protection of environment. Bharat Engineering emphasizes on abundant plantations in and around the area used for various constructions.

With 20 ongoing projects, of outstanding value Rs. 14741.00 crore, Bharat Engineering Road portfolio is bound to grow in the forthcoming years.


We help to fulfill the demand for coal, lignite and other minerals that our industries need.

The demand of coal is mainly driven by power, cement and steel industry. We at Bharat Engineering have always seen mining as a major growth driver for SEL, as there are huge opportunities in this field owing to an increased demand for coal, iron and other minerals. Our mining projects range from excavation of Overburden/Waste to removal of Lignite, Coal and Ore. Our client list boasts of stalwarts like Gujarat Heavy Chemicals Ltd, Gujarat Industries Power Company Ltd., Northern Coalfields Ltd., Western Coalfields Ltd., Bharat Coking Coal Ltd., Mahanadi Coalfields Ltd., Singareni Collieries Company Ltd., L&T, HCC and Punj Lloyd.

Our track record shows success in executing a 5-year project for GIPCL involving excavation of overburden and lignite at Vastan Mines. We have executed contracts worth 350 million cubic meters of Overburden/Waste and 19.5 million tonnes of Coal & Lignite and 1.9 million tonnes of Uranium Ore. As on 31st March, 2021, the total value of mining contract under execution is approximately Rs. 1500 Cr.

We have experience of working with 8.1 cum capacity excavator and 50 T Dumper. We have owned and operated these machines during 2020 to 2022. We have handled more than 1.00 lakh cubic meter overburden in Amlohri OCP of NCL and successfully achieved production targets well before scheduled timeline. Also, handled overall 2.00 lakh plus cubic meters of overburden and 2.30 lakh cubic meter of all type of materials (OB/Waste, Coal/Lignite & Ore) on daily basis in our ongoing mining projects.


Irrigation projects for lush green tomorrow Agriculture accounts for around 17% of the GDP and is the largest employer in the country. However, it is proven beyond doubts that the true potential of agriculture in the country is not realized due to scarcity of irrigation infrastructure in place. We at Bajaj infrastructure strive to correct this inadequacy.

We have successfully executed projects like Construction of earthen dams, canal siphons, remodeling and improvement of canals. Due to our experience and execution capabilities, we hold a track record of executing a major portion of world’s largest concrete lined Narmada Main Canal project having capacity of 40,000 cusecs. We have also executed 4 out of the total 9 canal siphons on Narmada Main Canal across different rivers.

We can proudly state, that our team of engineers and workers successfully executed a 13.87 km concrete lining project on the Kakrapar left bank, in a record 75 days. Bharat Engineering has also successfully completed the construction of NMC in its reach from 108 to 127 km for SSNNL and constructing canal siphon across river Watrak on NMC Kapadwanj for SSNNL. With ongoing projects, Bharat Engineering can look forward to irrigate a lush green tomorrow.