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Working with Bharat Engineering


Working with Bharat Engineering

We are one of India's rapidly growing conglomerates with diversified interests in energy, resources, airports, transportation, hospitality and life-sciences sectors. With a team of over 60000 employees spread across various locations, we are committed to a standard of excellence that will create an eminent position for our country in the global infrastructure industry. The Bharat Engineering story is replete with dynamism and our team rises to every challenge to deliver projects with world- class standards.

Our strong project management and execution ability along with belief in our talent and their competence has helped us grow at a rapid pace. And this growth necessitates greater investment in talent. If you are a dynamic professional and have a passion to excel in your career, we at Bharat Engineering will provide the right platform to translate your imaginations into reality.

We provide our talent the opportunity to work in a multinational business environment where they can learn and grow while facing challenges and developing their skills. While we offer market driven compensation and relevant learning inputs, we also give our talent the freedom to plot their own career graph on the basis of their aspirations and expectations and also learn from the various exposures and challenges that come our way.


Whether you are an experienced professional or a fresher starting your career, we invite you to be a part of a conglomerate that has contributed to many firsts – the first independent power plant, the first privately operated six-lane expressway and the first brownfield airport under the Public Private Partnership model.

We have opportunities in various disciplines and we invite you to be a part of this committed and professionally managed Indian multinational.

Please apply at the page for the positions presently available at the Bharat Engineering Group. Alternatively, if you don’t find the position you’re looking for, you can submit your resume at [email protected].

Any career is a journey. That journey at Bharat Enterprises Engineering Bharat Enterprises Engineering Bharat Enterprises Engineering is made more varied and rewarding by giving you the opportunity to help make positive change in the world. The dreams of creative, challenging, and passionate individuals are being realized here.

Bharat Enterprises Engineering Bharat Enterprises Engineering Bharat Enterprises Engineering operates across continents in virtually every time zone and employs about 65,000 people worldwide, and the company reflects this rich mix of cultural connection both the local communities we serve and the people with whom we do business. Our team is creative blend of youth and experience. We see diversity and inclusiveness as an essential part of our productivity, creativity, innovation and competitive advantage.

Bharat Enterprises Engineering Bharat Enterprises Engineering Bharat Enterprises Engineering attracts a diverse mix of independently-minded people. Whether you are just starting your career or are for the next step. Bharat Enterprises Engineering Bharat Enterprises Engineering Bharat Enterprises Engineering offers you a fantastic work environment rich culture that is naturally curious, open, dynamic and always stimulating. Employee performance can only flourish in a sound work environment. That's why we're committed to supporting our employee through systems and policies that foster open communication, maintain privacy, and assure health and safety. We provide the right opportunities, the questions, the training, the tools, the coaching, mentoring and skills networks to take you there.

What Makes Us Different - Our Belief

We believe!
Our faith in our people is the cornerstone of our belief system. At Bharat engineering we believe that our people are the reason behind our continued success and growth.

  • We know that the right environment nurtures the individual. That is why we support our employees in their growth. The result is an environment, which gives room for individual creativity while promoting collaboration.
  • We encourage employees to challenge the status quo. We urge them to take initiatives and constantly strive to inculcate a sense of ownership and belonging.
  • We believe that a merit-based system is the best response to future challenges. At Bharat Engineering employees' efforts are amply recognized and rewarded.

People Development - Talent Development

Talent Development
We are proud of our employees because we believe that they are the driving force behind our stupendous success. Therefore, we are committed to provide our employees with ample opportunities in order to help them exercise their responsibilities, creativity and accountability towards themselves and the organization. By providing a holistic work experience, we want our employees to get more out of life than just working hard. Therefore, we specially focus on developing people skills by valuing our employees' suggestions and opinions. We believe that exciting and enriched experiences lead to dynamic ideas and innovations.

Infusing Talent - Recruiting Laterals

Recruiting Laterals
We have been able to spot the right people with domain proficiency through various innovative mechanisms. We have successfully crafted new ways and methods to approach and trace the right people in the industry. Among the values we exhibit, professionalism is very important. This gets reflected through our recruitment philosophy, which entails looking for talents, not only possessing domain expertise but also imbibing strong core values like professional commitment, customer centric approach, and potential.